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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  February 8, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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a quick look now at some of the awesome photos on these pictures are coming in from our viewers. this is called dude, the bus isn't coming. check out the icicles here. the guy standing underneath them claims they're over 6 feet long. not sure it's a good idea to have your head underneath one of those but perhaps one ever the prettiest snow shots from my photos is this night show of the u.s. capitol dome covered in snow. really is beautiful out there. the news keeps coming tonight. shawn is in for brian with the news edge at 11:00. ready or not, here comes round two. if you thought the two feet of snow we got this weekend was bad, just wait. we're about to get even more. and it's threatening to make getting around even more treacherous. a live look at radar shows a major winter storm headed our way. and tomorrow it will be over
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the d.c. area. we just can't get a break. the next storm is coming as we're still struggling to dig out from the last big storm. take a look at the top of your screen for the latest closures. the federal government is closed along with most schools tomorrow. let's get right to sue palka. it's 11:00. are the new models in if so what are they saying. >> i think the deal with this one may be less snow than what we just had, thank heavens for that but more wind and a deeper storm off the coast and more as a true nor'easter heading up to new york city. new york city had a trace of snow with the last one. we goarg to get another major storm and unfortunately it does look like we're looking at another 10 to 16 inches with a little less from d.c. on south. right to trueview. where is this now? still a little bit off to our west. we won't see the first flakes in here until tomorrow afternoon but again another big storm that's actually in two pieces. you'll be able to see that as
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we go over to our max system. these two pieces will actually merge into potentiay a deeper storm off the coast. but where that storm ends up setting up shop will be very important in terms of our final snow totals which we will continue to try to get our heads around here. but the rapid coastal strengthening does mean blowing and drifting of snow because the wind field will be pretty strong, especially on wednesday. so we get it started tomorrow. the winter storm warning begins at noon. but i really think that what we see during the afternoon tomorrow and into the evening should be on the lighter side, able to be kept up with. but then as we go overnight into wednesday, that's when the big coastal takes over and especially hard hit this time north of d.c., northeastern, maryland into southeastern pennsylvania, new jersey and new york city. so slightly different storm this time. a little bit different setup. unfortunately we just can't take any more on what we already have. and everybody needs to be prepared. there are gog to be power outages and there's going to be some trouble the next couple of days.
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>> sue, we'll check in with you again in a few minutes. of course we'll all agree the timing this could not be worse. road crews are still working extended shifts right now to plow the streets. you may see bare pavement on the pain roads but not so much on the side streets. in fact people in one maryland neighborhood got so tired waiting for a snowplow they took matters into their own hands walking together to clear the two-plus feet of snow. fox 5's maureen umeh has their story >> reporter: the past few days we've been bringing you stories of neighbors helping neighbors during this epic snowstorm and nowhere is that more evident than here in this bowie subdivision where residents are literally coming to the rescue. you could call them the glendale estates army. >> all day yesterday. the day before. we've been digging people out. >> reporter: neighbors, men, women and children, helping each other through one of the worst snow storms in history. >> we made a path on the street each driveway. the only thing that needs to be cleared is up here. >> reporter: their community
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has yet to see a snowplow so instead of just spinning their wheels, they're helping each other get out. >> every time it snows we get out here and do what we've got to do. >> reporter: we'll call them the calvary because they literally came to our rescue when our stat light truckgot stuck in the snow in their community. >> a neighborhood effort to get you out of here. >> reporter: good samaritans helping even strangers but despite their good deed, many say they wish they didn't have to do so much. >> we have to make the best of it. >> reporter: county executive jack johnson says the county is doing all it can to clear the roads, but he says neighborhoods may not see a plow for a few more days. >> this is such an overwhelming snow. we have a plan and we'recoming there but they have to be patient. >> reporter: but many fear that could be too late for someone
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here, especially in an emergency. there's already been one close call. >> we had one of our neighbors, he had an asthma attack. and it was just impossible for a medic unit to get in. >> reporter: and with more snow expected, neighbors are keeping their shovels nearby knowing they're certain to be put to use in the -- in the glendale estates. >> they should pay us. we did a good job. >> reporter: county executive jack johnson tells us he expects the neighborhoods to be cleared if 48 hours, but many say with the expected snowfall, they're not holding their breath. in fact, they say they're bracing for the worst. in bowie, maureen umeh, fox 5 news. in the district police officers lending a helping hand. officers helped this driver in northwest get out of the snow. it took about 20 minutes but they got the job done. just like many neighborhoods across our region, side streets are still jam-packed with snow. in virginia arlington county officials are asking for patience. the county has been bombarded with complaints following last december's blizzard. they say they're using the
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lessons learned to get the snow cleaned up this time around. they are also stocking up on salt to stay on top of the next round of snow. well, it is not just the roads. the blizzard has made a mess of local airports and metro. tonight an important update if you are headed out tomorrow. roby chavez is live at the friendship heights metro station. roby? roby, can you hear news. >> reporter: how about this for a headline. enough already. if you're going to be tramping the rest of the -- traveling the rest of the week, it's simply going to be -- >> we apologize. apparently we are having some problems there with roby's live shot. but basically he was going to give us an pdate on metro letting us know the above ground train stations will be running tomorrow but on a limited service. also below ground they will be running. i believe some of those trains are coming every 30 minutes or so. we'll try to get back in touch with roby and give you an update when we get more
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information. amtrak acela express trains ran on full service today. they plan to do the same thing tomorrow fothe washington- boston route. some northeast regional trains were canceled. right now amtrak is still finalizing its service plans for tomorrow. tonight house -- tonight thousands of people are still wihout power. dominion power has under 2,000 outages and pepco 17,000. imagine going two nights without power much less four. we have a look at one neighborhood waiting for the lights and the heat. >> reporter: we're here in this takoma park neighborhood where several customers lost their power last iday night and pepco is telling these customers it may be this friday before power is restored. another night of cold air and candlelight. this family and some of their takoma park neighbors are being told it may still take days to get electricity restored here. >> we can see our breath in
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here and as you can hear, the pets are cold and we're all cold and we're ready to have our heat back on. >> reporter: a gas cook top is a saving grace. >> lots of pasta going on in this household. >> reporter: the streets are starting to show pavement. so neighbors want to know why pepco trucks haven't arrived to glen side road. >> if we get out of bed, we sit on the sofa and wrap up again. we don't have any way to cook. >> reporter: paula and ahmed started out patient. they know utility crews are working hard but four nights without power? >> i know eight good for them to stay we restored power to 20,000 people today but if those 20,000 people have been out of power for less than a day and we're going into our fourth night of no heat, let's get our priorities straight. >> reporter: neighbors are definitely helping neighbors. as we've seen before during weather outages, some homes have no power while others like this one, the lights are on. it's just the way the lines are
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run. now pepco says crews are definitely working around the clock but for some of the customers in this neighborhood, the fix can't come soon enough. in tacoma park, im-- owe in takoma park, i'm will thomas. the blizzard not just making a mess with power problems, it's making a mess of the airportsand metro. let's go back to roby chavez for the very latest. >> reporter: how is this for a headline. enough already. if you're going to be traveling any place at all this week, whether you're going in the air or on the rails, it's going to be a mess. some flights have already been canceled and metro says just as it opens above ground metrorail stations, it could be short lived. still there was some progress. take a look at what it looked like at the airports today. all three airports opened runways for the first time since friday. passengers rushed home to beat this upcoming storm. but got a surprise to find parked cars buried in the snow. with the new storm, some airlines have already canceled flights. as for metro now all but 15
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above ground metrorail stations will be open. -- will reopen rather tomorrow. there is limited service on the red nd blue lines. as for the orange, green and yellow lines, they will offer full service. still metro says service could end early on tuesday because of the storm. passengers, though, are just taking it in stride. >> i'm kind of understanding metro. it's not too big a deal as far as inconvenience goes. >> reporter: a couple other points you need to know. metro bus will start operating at 5:00 a.m. on a limited service. metro access will be restricted only to those with medical needs. we're live in northwest, roby chavez, fox 5 news. back into you. >> roby, thank you. stay with fox 5 for continuing coverage as we gear up for another round of this winter weather. fox 5's morning news starting early, 4:30 tomorrow. you can check the latest weather information on our website and here's something new. you can also upload your weather videos to look for the link right there
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welcome back. we're going to check in with laura evans. she has a winter storm edition of the fox 5 top five. >> we begin with the dangers of snow on the roof. the weight of the snow caused the roof of this fairfax county firehouse to collapse. firefighters don't want you up on your roof clearing the snow. your weight could make it worse but they do want you to keep annual eye out for any changes like sagging or leaks. number four, metro will open some above ground rail stations in time for the morning commute. your best bet on the orange, green and yellow lines where metro will offer full rail service. red and blue lines will continue on limited service. number three, right now all three of our area airports are open. however, with limited service. crews at reagan national, dulles and bwi still clearing the runways. and now with more snow expected tomorrow, you may be in for more flight delays and cancellations.
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number two, thousands of people still without power tonight. the next storm could make things even worse before it gets better. crews are working round the clock but in some places people are be be told it could be until friday before lights are back on. number one, thousands of kids across the d.c. region will get another snow day. d.c. public schools and most schools in maryland and virginia are closed tomorrow. the term government closed as -- federal government closed as well. you can see the latest closings and delays at the top of your screen. as conditions change, you can get updates on closings and delays on just click on web links. shawn? >> thank you. of course all those closures due to the weather. sue, in fact, track be the next troublemaker set to hit our area. her snow predictions right after the break. as we gear up for more snow, check out the must have fashion item for the blizzard of 2010. it's the i survived snowmageddon t-shirts. the agency says they will donate a portion of every sale to a local charity. we'll be right back.
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time was, if you got into trouble out here, chris collins, volunteer firefighter, would be there to save your life. then one night, hit by a car at an accident scene, it was his turn to ride in the ambulance. after years of rehab, chris has learned to take care of himself. but money is so tight, he has trouble staying warm. he just can't afford heating oil. nice to meet you, chris. nice to meet you, and thanks for the oil. you look like you're a fighter, chris. well, i guess i have to be. chris is among the millions of americans who risk their lives each and every day
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to keep us safe -- our firefighters, our police officers, our emts and first responders -- men and women who sacrifice for others and sometimes need our help. chris: thanks, joe, and thanks to citgo and the people of venezuela. hi, i'm joe kennedy from cizens energy, your nonprofit oil company. if you need help staying warm this winter, give us a call at... because no one should be left out in the cold. if you don't have all the groceries you need for this xt round of store, you may be out of luck. outside this giant in northwest, one of the shoppers described how the shelves looked inside. >> bare. there's nothing anywhere in there. juice, everything, cheese, even the crescent rolls, everything is gone. >> well, another whole foods you can see the line stretched
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all the way down the aisles. shoppers even had to weave around the people waiting to check out to get their food. what a mess out there. you know what's interesting, shawn? during the blizzard of 1996 which i keep comping this last one to, we had a second storm follow that. people were in a panic mode and it ended up not being as bad as it looked like. i'm really hoping it will happen this time. this won't be as big but it will be windier and blow and drift more. i think what people need to get ready for is the possibility of time without power. i have nod hat cable or -- not had cable or service. get ready for plan b, how you're going to get through in the dark and you don't have a place to go that might have power or electricity, that's probably the best advice we can give you right now. its aeventually going to get out of here but unfortunately we're going to have a slow go of things. quick look at again those massive snow totals that we have had already this season.
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we're probably getting to be in first place by the time we get through this winter with 54 inches of snow and of course dulles is already seeing their snowiest winter ever but they have not been keeping records as long. what should you expect tomorrow? we get this off to a slow start tomorrow afternoon. it begins between 1:00 and 3:00. by 00 maybe an inch or two on the ground. you can get around tomorrow. crews are going to want to have you off the road as much as possible so they can get after the new accumulation. by 11:00 we're still only talking 2 to 3 inches. the worst it is going to be tuesday night and wednesday. and wednesday is when i think the winds get going. if i'm seeing a trend tonight, it's a little later start for this to get going. wednesday 7:00 a.m. we have 4 to 6 inches on the ground. by noon 8 to 10 inches. it still snows a little after wednesday noon but a bigger deal may be the wind. we're still calling for totals on the order of 10 to 16 inches d.c. on fort and 8 to 12 inches to the south. that's how you should plan for this major storm. here is the storm track that
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will also be important. these are accumulations. so watch the time. wednesday at 6:00 a.m. we have some accumulation. but watch what happens with our storm and especially watch how these lines of equal pressure start getting tighter and tighter pawg this at 2:00 -- pawg this at 2:00 more -- pausing this at 2:00 more accumulation growing. maybe some of our bigger totals are going to come wednesday but we're seeing this tight pressure gradient and how windy it will be, especially east of 95. in terms of the snow totals, want to give you another look at that. heavier northeastern maryland up toward philadelph, 16 to 24. in and around the d.c. area from d.c. on north, we're going to put that 10 to 16 inches in the purple color there. d.c. on south, 8 to 10 inches. that does go over to the beaches and south of fredricksburg 6 to 8 inches. so definitely a lot for us to deal with on top of what we just been through. but hopefully everybody will be smart in terms of their preparations for it. also want to mention it is very cold out there tonight.
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7 in manassas. 17 in winchester. 10 in culpeper. 29 in washington. while we did have some methodding today as -- melting today as temperatures got into the mid-30s, there will also be black ice tonight. temperature 19. people will fall, break their wrist, got to be careful with the first step outside your door. winter storm warning begins at noon. light snow develops in the afternoon. 32 degrees. the bulk of this will likely be wednesday. 8:00 in the morning cloudy and 20 degrees. you have time to get a little running around down before the next flakes fly. maybe a few flurries west of town by noon. by 5:00 the snow is in here and a small accumulation is possible at that point. here's your five-day forecast. we're only going to be about 32 degrees tomorrow but initially hopefully some of that will melt off. snow and wind is what we're playing up for wednesday. the bulk of this will be wednesday. thursday 36 degrees. the sun is back. we continue the melting process on friday, mostly sunny and saturday about 37 degrees. next storm system in the pipeline passes well south of d.c. and i'm sure that's a great relief to everyone.
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don't go anywhere. dave feldman is up with a look at the winning caps. we'll be right back.
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thursday. the caps rallied to win 6-5. last friday at home against the thrashers, nicholas backstrom passes to owe vep kin -- ovechkin. ashington wins 5-2. he leads the nhl with 42 goals. caps have won a record 14 straight. the biggest winner might be owner ted leonis who signed the great eight to a long-term deal. >> alex is a special person and he's also the best player in the world and every time he touches the puck, everyone's expectation is history could be made right now. alex has been a god send for us. i told him this would happen, i told him we'd build a great team around him and our core still has upsides. >> there's no down side.
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the cap -- weld at montreal. thursday ottawa. [ indiscernible ] st. louis, the blues have the worst home record in the nhl. if the caps win all three, it will match the record of 17 consecutive victories set by the penguins in 1993. antawn jamison missed his early flight from miami to orlando and didn't make it for the wizards workout. he had a suite to watch the siewp de. he went straight to charlotte to meet the team. they'll play the bobcats. the new schedule will force the wizards to play three games in three nights. number five west virginia hosting number four villanova. scotty reynolds on the field to reggie redding. villanova led by 11 at the half. second half, reason notes would -- reynolds would come alive. drives in for the lay-in plus
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the foul. villanova rebounds from saturday's loss to georgetown. they beat west virginia 82-75. women's hoops tonight. brenda frese in maryland hosting virginia. terps led by 6 points in the second half but virginia was too much. maryland falls to virginia 82- 68. they drop to 3-6 in acc play. this was the scene last night when saints coach sean peyton receives the gatorade. saints owner tom benson handed peyton the vince lombardi trophy. then the coach and the trophy spent a quality night together. >> this thing laid in my bed next to me last night. rolled over a couple times. i probably drooled on it.
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but, man, there's nothing like it. >> it's good to drool on the lombardi trophy. sean is back to wrap up the edge right after this. have a good night.  [ male announcer ] for over 50 years, providing you with safe,
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